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Our Mission

QJ Cabinetry Inc provides cabinets with the highest quality and best price available to our customers through the convenience of professional order process. Our product selection offers you the flexibility to sell the products that work well with your needs and leave you free to grow your business. For container and bulk orders, we can design and manufacture your products with current innovation and price that no other companies can beat.

Why Us?

The Pro Partner Program is built to serve kitchen and bath professional contractors, remodelers, designers, and builders. We created the program to simplify the process of bringing amazing designs and cabinets to kitchen and bath professionals.

Benefits You Get.

  • Free Professional design from a dedicated expert designer
  • Quality Cabinets on time and on budget
  • Cabinet Styles and finishes for every project
  • Free Samples for your clients
  • 10% Rebate on all cabinet purchases for Pros

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Quality that you can not find anywhere else

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Offers that you can't refuse.

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Ultra-Low Container Prices: As our dealer, you’ll benefit from discounted container prices, making your business more competitive.
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Free On-Site Measurements: Our professional team will provide free on-site measurement services to ensure precise accuracy for your projects.
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Unlimited Renderings: We’ll create unlimited renderings based on your requirements, helping you showcase outstanding interior designs.
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